What To Look For In Vehicle Recovery Management

Posted on: March 29, 2018
vehicle recovery management


When it comes to looking for the best vehicle recovery management company for wrecked vehicles, there are many solutions the company must have in their arsenal.

  1. Do they have an online auction that is using up-to-date technology
  2. Are they using current and intelligent information from their clients
  3. Are their management and processes done in an efficient manner

A Vehicle Recovery Management Company should have an online auction with up-to-date technology

Our customers incorporate senders, for example, accident protection organizations, rescue barters, merchants, rental, armada/rent and other resource proprietors, purchasers, authorized merchants, rebuilders, dismantlers, and recyclers.

Our online auction expels topographical limits with a full-benefit arrangement and gives shippers the adaptability to remarket vehicles. Our markets rescue vehicles to pre-qualified potential purchasers everywhere throughout the world. We likewise decrease the general recuperation process durations by offering every day barters. The SalvageNow Online Auction arrangement additionally oversees and tracks particular vehicles from both a shipper and purchaser viewpoint progressively, encouraging the ideal business encounter.

A Vehicle Recovery Management Company should use current and intelligent information from their clients

At Vemark, we do our best to make sure that every piece of information is current and detailed. This makes it very easy for us to process and have our clients compensated in a timely fashion.

A Vehicle Recovery Management Company should have management and process done in an efficient manner

In the vehicle recovery management industry, we have faced a big problem. Most companies today, do not have easy-to-use, efficient process to salvage vehicles.

Our process does not use manually archaic measures. At Vemark, we use technical data analysis that streamlines every detail in the process.


We service many types of companies in the auto industry such as auto insurance companies, auto asset owners, auto dealers, body shops, rebuilders, vehicle salvage auctions, auction networks, fleet lease companies and car rental companies.

By implementing these three principles, we believe that they are paramount in making Vemark a high-quality and unbeatable company when it comes to salvaged vehicles process.



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