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    Vemark provides a suite of solutions for vehicle loss recovery that can work together in harmony or independently to solve vehicle loss recovery management problems.
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Vemark is the leading developer of integrated vehicle recovery management systems. Vemark’s suite of integrated software solutions normalizes vehicle salvage disposition across auction platforms, integrating vendors, government agencies and legacy systems into one seamless process. For the first time, it’s possible for damaged vehicle owners to use the vendors with the best performance in each region / market without the complexity that was once a barrier. These solutions provide rule based automation, cutting cycle time and raising net returns of damaged vehicle assets, thus removing the complexity of managing multiple marketplaces and adding visibility and accountability to the whole process.


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Benefits of Salvage Pro™

Automates Many Salvage Processes

Federal government including NMVTS reporting
NICB reporting
Electronic Lien and Title processing
Manage Lien payoff
EFT payments, and settlement with owner

Benefits for Larger Clients

A savings of 1,000 man hours per month
A reduction in cycle time an average of 21 days per vehicle
A 4.5% of ACV increase in return
Extensive Customer Support
Live Software Training

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