About Vemark

Our Evolution

Even since our first online salvage auction SalvageNow™ was launched back in 1998, Vemark has been innovating within the auto salvage/vehicle remarketing industry. With the launch of SalvageNow™, Vemark quickly became a national brand and was able to procure national contracts with all major national rental agencies, selling their salvage from local airports and body shops around the USA.

As Vemark grew and looked for more salvage inventory for our online auction, it was a clear decision to help the independent salvage auctions leverage the online marketplace. After consulting many large auctions, it was apparent that they needed auction management systems and Vemark was perfectly suited to provide its second product, SNaps. With the rollout of SNaps, Vemark expanded to fifty auctions over a short few years.

Continous Innovation

In 2004 Vemark launched BidCentral™, a virtual bidding system synchronizing bidding from the physical auctions and blending the internet bidders in real time. In some cases, BidCentral™ ran in auto auctioneer mode, eliminating the physical bidder and becoming another important innovation of our bidding system.

Vemark’s Total Loss Pro™ vehicle asset management console provides a single dashboard for insurance companies to manage their total loss vehicles from first notice of loss all the way to cash in the bank. Using Total Loss Pro™ brings visibility and accountability to all stakeholders in the vehicle disposition process.


Today Vemark is positioned to truly revolutionize the salvage industry via its breadth of products and deep knowledge of total loss claims, auto salvage, and vehicle remarketing industry.

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