SNaps™Auction Management Solution

Vemark’s SNaps Auction Management Software solution enables you to maintain and control the pulse of your entire operation at your fingertips. Details of areas where attention is needed are graphically represented so that, at a glance, you can quickly manage how your organization is performing.

Within seconds, you have extremely detailed information to help you make the right decision.

Examples of the detailed information available
  • How many vehicles are in the inventory?
  • Which vehicles on the lot are missing keys?
  • How many of them have been picked up?

With SNaps Auction Management Software, you’ll be able to obtain critical information such as the average costs associated with vehicles, the average time a vehicle is on the lot, the average sale price, the return on ACV per vehicle – and so much more.

Unlike other auction management software applications available, the SNaps Auction Management solution allows you to work on one vehicle at a time, groups of vehicles, or the entire population of vehicles all at once. It is this very nature of our solution that makes it the most powerful software of its kind

The SNaps auction management solution is the single most powerful auction administrative and management tool available today because of the organization and structure of the application. SNaps is organized in much the same way a typical business flows: from the initial call through the sale of the vehicle at an auction. This flow is represented using a series of graphical tabs that activate screens necessary to perform each function within the process. Auction Management Software

Key Benefits of SNaps Auction Management Solutions

Real-time data to consignors customized for each user's role in the process through the SNaps web portal
Ability to set up timed notification reports by consignor
SNaps Prints Badges for buyers, car stickers, lot assignments, key tags and more
Remote access to manage your business from any location with Internet access
Hand-held data collection device for easy inspection of new inventory, lot placement, and setting sale lines
Direct scanner integration for easy processing of buyers, cars, and titles
Ability to view the entire process graphically, at-a-glance
Create reports from one of three key report sets: Auction Reports, Statistical Reports, and Inventory Reports.
Ability to narrow your focus to specific processes
Locate any data that resides anywhere within the system
List or search by date, adjuster, vendor, make, model, or any other criteria associated with a vehicle
View vehicle assignments on a single panel complete with location, dispatch and more
Quickly locate the physical lot location for a specific vehicle
Set up future auctions
View information such as sold date, price paid, buyer, vehicle details and auction sequence number
Send your buyers updates and communications as well as view their balances, prior purchases and more.