BidCentral™ Virtual Bidding Solution
Bid live at vehicle auctions easily without physially being there!

Do you buy vehicles at live auctions? You can easily place live bids right now – real-time at vehicle auctions. Don’t miss the opportunity to get great deals right now! You can bid at actual independent vehicle auctions taking place throughout the U.S from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

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Time and Money Saving Benefits

Imagine reducing your cost of vehicle acquisition by not incurring travel-related costs to and from physical vehicle auctions. Focus more on making your core business more productive and efficient by not being out of the office and by deploying lower-cost labor to participate in vehicle acquisition. You will have scale buying power by representing other buyers and bidding or acquiring salvage for others, thereby increasing your profitability. You have an opportunity to acquire the right assets at the right time to meet local demand. Just think, you will be able to purchase at multiple auctions simultaneously across the US.

How Bid Central Works
Auctions using Vemark’s SNaps technology to conduct live physical auctions on premises can, at the same time, enable you to bid live even though you are not actually present at the physical auction. You participate in these virtual auctions by obtaining the software download and license from Vemark (which is accessible through participating SNaps auction websites or via SalvageNow). If you are a licensed member of a participating Vemark auction website, you can preview upcoming auctions on the site’s buyer home page or at SalvageNow. An icon will be present denoting that you may bid virtually on those vehicles when the auction goes live. Once you have registered, obtained your license, and loaded the software application, you can start bidding live by clicking on the bidlive icon at live auctions.