AMC Asset Management

Vemark’s Asset Management Console (AMC) solution delivers a core set of tools that provide real-time, web and electronic assignment; EXCEL and PDF reporting; and distributed and centralized information and reports. The AMC provides detailed analysis and control over the entire vehicle loss recovery process.

AMC is easy for clients to learn and use, while offering minimal technology overhead and impact on clients. In addition, the AMC’s architecture relies on real-time, stable and up-to-date technology. AMC assignments are straightforward. Asset Owners can automatically make assignments directly to the closest participating, or most appropriate member. Asset owners may also assign vehicles directly to participating network auctions and the data will be updated automatically into the network profile, thus providing a continuous and accurate snapshot of the state of their salvage.

The AMC also provides robust customer relations management as well as vehicle sale accounting capabilities. These capabilities can be realized by the network and provide individual members benefits without technology adjustments at the pool level. The AMC scales with the needs of the Network’s members enabling participants to add loss recovery management capabilities as needed.

The AMC offers a scalable, secure database that maintains data confidentiality for the network and its members. Only network operations management can view the entire scope, while enabling individual members and consignors the ability to view their vehicle data within the network. Data queries provide a complete view of the recovery pipeline (assignments, title processing, awarding, transportation, collection) and may be viewed in total, by a Consignor, individual Pool, or by a specific estimator or a buyer; all in real-time.

Vemark’s network management reduces vehicle loss recovery time and increases overall returns vehicle assets. Call us now or email us to receive complete details on the benefits of our solutions.