Posted on: December 12, 2016
SalvageNow™ Online Auto Auction

SalvageNow™ Online Auto Auction By Vemark. Experience The New SALVAGENOW™  Mobile Friendly Website


The process of buying and selling cars at auctions is a logistical, time-consuming nightmare; with high storage fees, transportation expenses, ever-increasing auction costs and scarce free time. However, there is light at the end of the expensive, stressful tunnel. SalvageNow™ transforms the process, reducing fees and wasted time, while increasing convenience like never before.

Vemark has worked tirelessly to set a comprehensive auction solution into motion, enhancing the efforts of rental fleet companies, insurance companies, rebuilders, dismantlers and dealers. SalvageNow places a fair bidding process in your hands, with access to exclusive TradeYourWreck™ vehicle listings and direct deals from the Insurance and Rental Car companies.

SalvageNow™ sellers are able to enjoy uncompromised nationwide exposure, and risk-free listings. There’s no need to worry about additional damage or losing time to transport vehicles around. SalvageNow™ allows buyers and sellers to get the job done from wherever a vehicle is currently sitting, at any time. With reduced auction fees and hassle, SalvageNow™ is truly changing the future of car auctions for the greater good.

Nobody likes playing the waiting game of gathering cars to be transported to site, crossing fingers for a sale. SalvageNow™ connects insurers to nearly 5000 qualified, dedicated buyers online. We’ve spent the past two decades fine-tuning our efforts, taking advantage of evolving technologies to ignite seamless transactions, from upload to delivery and beyond…

…But that’s just the beginning. At the end of the day, SalvageNow™ is here to do everything a traditional auction can, for a fraction of the cost. We believe in fair bidding, connecting buyers and sellers like never before. We embrace a unique combination of age-old wisdom and forward-thinking methodologies to simplify your life.

Get in touch with us today to experience the new and improved SalvageNow™ . Find out what a proper auction can truly be like.

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