How to Register and Win a Salvage Car Auction?

Posted on: January 2, 2017
Online Public Car Auction

Online Public Car Auction. How to Register and Win a Salvage Car Auction?

Participating in an Online Public Car Auction can be intimidating at first, to say the least! There aren’t many resources that cover how to partake in these Internet events. Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to bid on a salvage auction online.


  • Register as an auction member


Sign-up for our online Public Car Auction with the proper information, which includes a valid drivers license, proving your status as a legal adult (18+), tax-exemption documentation, a Vehicle Dealer’s, Salvage, Dismantling/Recycler, or equivalent license, and a security deposit.


  • Find your vehicle & place a bid


After you place a bid, you must confirm it. From this point on, you cannot delete it. It’s set in stone, so be sure you’re 100% interested in purchasing that vehicle.


  • You win! (Conditionally)


If you are the highest bidder of the Online Public Car Auction, you are considered the conditional winner. You must wait for confirmation from the company to be named official winner. This may take up to 5-business days.


  • You win officially!


Once officially confirmed, you are on your way to becoming the new owner of a salvaged vehicle.


  • Submit your payment


Since you’ve been declared the winner, you must pay for the vehicle. You will submit the cost of the vehicle, in addition to any applicable fees and taxes.


  • The vehicle is delivered


The vehicle will be released within 2-days of receipt of payment. From there, the vehicle will be delivered to your pre-negotiated drop-off spot.


That’s it! Online Auto Auctions are a very straight-forward process. At SalvageNow, we have the largest selection of both clean-title and rebuildable auction cars for sale. By participating in our auctions, you’ll be saving time, money, and headaches. Bring the bidding process directly to your fingertips!

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