Vemark Providing Solutions for Major Carriers

Posted on: March 9, 2016
salvage lot Vechicle Recovery Management Systems

Yet another large national insurance company is currently leveraging SalvagePRO™ to manage their salvage nationwide, resulting in a savings of 1,000 man hours per month and a reduction in cycle time an average of 15 days per vehicle. This national insurance carrier is taking full advantage of SalvagePRO™  by using an automated hybrid model to select and utilize the best possible method for the disposition of each piece of salvage.

For example, this particular insurance company owns it’s own salvage auctions, so vehicles within the geographical area are auto assigned through dispatch and managed through SNaps and sold in a blended physical / online auction using Bid Central. In areas in which they have an arrangement with a national auction that same assignment is automatically dispatched to the national carrier and tracked through the process. SalvagePRO™ allows a myriad of different methods in a normalized format, giving management visibility while keeping stakeholders accountable.

Contact us to receive an analysis of your salvage process center to discover how SalvagePRO can work for you!

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