What Are The Benefits of Auction Management Systems

Posted on: May 2, 2018
Benefits of Auction Management Systems

At Vemark, we completely understand that the salvage rental agencies needed help in selling their vehicles for those who are looking to buy. We saw there was a need in the market and we wanted to make a change for the better. We saw, from our own research, that many salvage rental agencies were having problems listing and selling their vehicles to the masses. In addition, we also saw that buyers were having a hard time finding salvaged vehicles and making intelligent decisions with the lack of detailed information that was currently in the market.

Because of our due diligence,  we wanted to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers by building our own online portal called SalvageNow. We wanted to make sure that the process of buying and selling salvage vehicles was simple for both parties and everyone to leave happy.

Here we would love to explain the benefits of auction management systems for salvage vehicles and how we can help you when it comes to buying and selling salvage vehicles.

Extremely Easy To Register

One of the benefits is that it is very easy to register online with an online auction management system. If you, as a buyer, headed to our portal and you wanted to register to get started, this is what you would have to do:

Go over and click the Register

Benefits of Auction Management Systems

Enter Your Login and User Information 

Benefits of Auction Management Systems

When all of your information is completed, you are only left to pay the $195 annual fee and will now have access to huge amounts of salvage vehicles available to you. Sellers who sign up with us are free.

Full Details of Salvage Vehicles are Provided

This, we believe, is so important for buyers. We’re sure when you are looking to make a purchase on a vehicle, you would want the details and the history of the vehicle. With our online auction management systems, we do our very best to make sure all of the details of our vehicles are available to you (mileage, location, vehicle damage, etc…). By doing this, you can feel comfortable that you have all of the information that you are looking for at your disposal. In the end, you can make an informed and smart decision in your bidding and in what vehicle you are looking to purchase.

A Huge List of Salvage Vehicles Nationwide

Benefits of Auction Management Systems
Example of SalvageNow Database

Like we mentioned previously, our online auction management system has a huge list of salvage vehicles nationwide. From the vehicle type, to the model, to the year and everything in between, we help sellers across the United States list their vehicles with us so that buyers can pick and choose in whichever vehicle they would like.


We hope we did our best to explain the benefits of using an auction management system that can help you find ways to make bids and purchase salvage vehicles online.  Or as a rental agency or seller, have your vehicles listed with us so buyers can have access to them in the simplest way possible. If you are in the market and you are looking to buy or sell your salvage vehicle, click here to set up an account right away and start bidding now.


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