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Automated Vehicle Loss Recovery Management Solutions

Vemark provides robust technologies and services designed to facilitate the management of Rental, Fleet, Lease and other vehicle assets. Vemark reduces consignor's time-to-revenue while increasing overall revenue potential and expanding vehicle offerings to buyers. We provide intelligent, non-intrusive vehicle loss recovery management solutions designed to expedite management of vehicle inventory and the selling process - from anywhere to anywhere.

Empowering Vehicle Remarketers

Consignors need real-time, accurate information on all their vehicle assets to be remarketed. Inability to manage cycle time and intelligently direct vehicles to the appropriate loss recovery channel result in the loss of up to 20% of their potential recovered value. Revenue dollars are wasted on inefficient, manual processes and unnecessary labor. Vemark puts the money back into the consignor's pocket through a suite of solutions.

News and Announcements:

Transforming the Way Vehicle Loss Recovery is Managed

Timely access to data is critical. Real-time vehicle data can be aggregated and viewed in a browser from anywhere in the world, enabling clients to quicken their time-to-revenue as well as to remove costly delays and inefficiencies - leading to better returns.

Vehicle Loss Recovery Solutions provided by Vemark:

Vemark's loss recovery solutions provide detailed data and reporting about vehicle assets and can be recovered at any point in the loss recovery cycle. In addition, Vemark provides the ability to compare performance data related to cycle times, net and gross returns; and to analyze fee structures on a national, regional, office, and adjuster level. The ability to slice and dice data across multiple platforms allows flexibility without compromising control. Consignors can discover inefficiencies in key processing pressure points of the recovery process and then take action.

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