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Call now to learn how we can reduce vehicle cycle recovery time and increase overall returns on vehicle assets.


SalvageNow™ Online Auction Solution

Vemark's SalvageNow Online Auction solution provides businesses the ability to trade online with other businesses seeking vehicles. Clients of SalvageNow consignors such as Salvage Auctions, Dealers, Rental, Fleet/Lease and other asset owners. Buyers licensed Dealers, Rebuilders, Dismantlers and Recyclers.

Vemark's Online Auction removes geographical boundaries with a full-service solution and provides consignors flexibility to remarket vehicles. The site www.SalvageNow.com markets salvage vehicles to pre-qualified potential buyers all over the world. SalvageNow also reduces the overall recovery cycle times by offering daily auctions. The SalvageNow On-line Auction solution also manages and tracks specific vehicles from both a consignor and buyer perspective in real-time, facilitating the best possible commerce experience.

SalvageNow Enables Consignors To:

  • Track individual vehicles at any point within the cycle
  • Set vehicle reserve prices based on the company's policy and the market
  • Obtain additional title and transportation processing
  • View and track vehicles that are to be sold, and the related information necessary to send a vehicle to auction
  • Download sales data for cycle time and other key analysis
  • Download bidding activity and revenue reports
  • Quickly enter vehicle data: auto-loading from CSV, EXCEL, XML or other data files
  • Automatically process photos and insurance estimates

Assure that vehicles are being sold in a fair bidding arena (no collusion).

SalvageNow Provides Buyers:

  • A management list of vehicles they have purchased, are awaiting release, transport, or title - A one-stop view of the vehicle status.
  • Access to key documents such as invoices, estimates, and releases
  • Set-up of customized watches for specific vehicles or vehicle types and the ability to monitor the bidding process
  • Addition of personal notes on vehicle values.
  • Store searches and defined short cuts to specific vehicles or types of vehicles
  • Downloadable vehicle lists (Excel, PDF) to do "offline" analysis
  • Fast browsing and drill downs by make, model, and type of vehicle; as well as upcoming auctions, and vehicle sales on specific days

Vemark`s SalvageNow Online Auction solution reduces recovery time and increases overall returns on vehicle assets. Call us now or email us to start receiving the benefits of our solutions.

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